Dear Friends,

The SOS Culture project promotes and preserves the culture in Armenian and Georgian border regions through education, awareness raising and tourism development. Our mission is firstly, to locate and preserve cultural assets of Armenian and Georgian border regions in the countries’ border regions. Secondly, we aim to inform young people living in these regions of Armenia and Georgia about the monuments in their region and teach them ways of how to preserve them.  Finally we pursue the objective to make the information about cultural assets in the border regions available for possible tourists in order to promote these regions as a travel destination for cultural tourism.

You personally can contribute to this important mission. The first way is to volunteer.

We are always looking for volunteers, who help us to preserve the important though unfortunately very much neglected cultural monuments throughout the border regions of Armenia and Georgia. If you have an interest in helping to locate, explore and preserve Armenian and Georgian culture and helping others to learn about the history of our region please feel free to become a volunteer and help us in this effort.

So if you have the passion to contribute to the needed preservation of monuments which bear important testimonies of the diverse South-Caucasian culture and if you are proud of your country and its wonderful history and beautiful buildings, then this is for you. 

Please, feel free to contact us.


The second option to support our work is to donate money. This can be done by clicking on the link here and any donations are gratefully accepted. We firmly assure that all your funds are used properly. If you want to be informed in more detail about tax exemption status (in German) and the application of funds please don´t hesitate to contact us.

You can even do both, money is beneficial, but we need passionate people helping us to accomplish our mission.

Thank you