Tourist info

SOS Culture assignment aims also to be our sightseeing enlargement assignment. The project’s intention is to unite society development and nature conservation with a sustainable tourism conception based on the idea of promoting Armenia and Georgia as an ideal destination for nature lovers. SOS Culture Tours will offer hiking, horse riding and biking tours through immaculate landscapes, excursions to out-of-the-way villages, old monasteries and spiritualist pre-historic alternative sites as well as inspirational encounters with local people. The tours offered by SOS Culture project will range from tailor made weekend and short trips to 14 days bike tours crossing two countries.

FPWC, RAA and dvv international initiated the project in particular to present new revenue opportunities for villagers living in communities where SOS Culture project is implemented. In general Armenia and Georgia suffer from high migration rates in particular from rural areas where young people are forced to abscond due to the lack of jobs. Tourism can be a supplementary income source in numerous communities. Thus, for illustration the guests of SOS Culture Tours can take pleasure in the generosity in the Lori and Tavush regions in Armenia and in the Kvemo Kartli region in Georgia where FPWC and dvv international maintain SOS Culture Youth Clubs. All profits of SOS Culture Tours will stream into organisations’ work in preservation of cultural assets, nature conservation, community development and environmental education.

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