Tnusi St. Giorgi Church

14.08.2013 16:04

In 1 km east from Tnusi village, on the right bank of Mashvera river there is Tekanebi ruined village, where, on the cape-shaped cliff of steep slope of the mountain, on the territory enclosed by the ruined wall. St. Giorgi Armenian church and a bell-tower are located (coordinates: 41.192538 44.17421).

The hall church us built of cleanly cut tuff. The only door is in the west wall, and two windows are cut in the east and west walls. The interior of the church is build of crushed stone. Two niches are arranged in the altar apse, and in the niche near the altar, in the north wall – baptismal font is arranged, on which date is curved in Armenian letters (1137 (1688)). The altar is elevated by 25 cm. The church stands on the socle consisting of a shelf and large shaft and has profiled cornice. Smooth shafts and the row of semi-discs follow the façade corners.

The walls of the church are decorated with compositionally interconnected relief statues.

Arrow-shaped opening of the east façade is followed with the profiled rim of the same shape; and on the top of the rim there are two medallions, between which there is Armenian allegorical inscription. To the left of the window, in square plate, St. Giorgi, killing a dragon with a pike is depicted. Below it there is an ornamental rhomb with vermins’ images from all the four sides. And to the right of the window the image of eagle, holding a lamb in the claws, is represented. The images of St. Georgi on the horseback, vermins and deer are on the south façade as well.

The bell-tower is in two meters east from the church and stands on the lower terrace. It represents a two-storied structure. The first floor is a small chapel, and there is an arbour consisting of six pillars on the second floor.