Nadarbazevi Palace

14.08.2013 16:00

Nadarbazevi is located in 10 km from Tetritskaro; Vakhushti Batonishvili says about it: “Nadarbazevi – where King Tamar lived… “ (coordinates: 41.344112 44.221874).

The complex of the palace is located on a small elevation; there is a deciduous forest around it; oval wall could be clearly seen in the ruins, which should have four gates; there should be several structures inside the wall, but only two are preserved, and they are half ruined; one of them should be the palace itself, and the other – a house.

The palace is a large building of right-angled layout. It consists of one hall and auxiliary facility. The hall has three doors and there are two windows in each wall. This hall, assembly, was covered with wooden bars, supported by four pillars. The walls of the building are finished with basalt and, based to building techniques, date by the IX-X c.c.. This hall is a summer residence and obviously, King Tamar spent here hot summer days on the verge of XII-XIII c.c.

In some twenty meters west from the Palace there are the ruins of the same period; it could be a building interred for servants.

Water was supplied to Nadarbazevi residence from far away. The spring headwork is in 6 km from the ruins and the water was supplied to the palace through clay pipeline.