“Round Church” of Vardisubani Village

14.08.2013 15:57

Round church” is located on the left bank of Mashavera river, near Vardisubani village (Dmanisi municipality) (coordinates: 41.202684 44.205211). Dmanisi ruined town is seen on the other side of the river from the church. The “round church” was discovered by Dmanisi archeological expedition in 1989 and is preserved at 1 m height from the ground. The structure is built of roughly processes grey basalt rock of equal sizes. The thickness of walls (110 cm) indicates to the old age of the building. According to layout, the building has circular shape; there is an altar apse in the east. The dome was supported by six massive pillars, dislocated circle-wise.

The church was assembly built in the V c. and represented significant spiritual center of the region.