SOS Culture Publications

04.11.2013 16:16

On October 30, a press conference by Samvel Karapetyan dedicated to the SOS Culture project took place at the "Henaran" press club, where he presented the 5 booklets he had prepared about the historical monuments in the Tavush and Lori regions.

The 24-month long project SOS Culture ended on October 18. It was funded by the European Union "European Neighborhood Policy" (ENP) through the Eastern Partnership Culture Program. The project was implemented by the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) in cooperation with the dvv international – Georgia Country office and Research on Armenian Architecture Foundation.

Samvel Karapetyan, who heads the Research on Armenian Architecture Foundation, has been actively involved in the project’s two selected regions of Tavush and Lori, particularly in the study of ancient historical monuments. As a result of the study, they have created five publications: two about the historical monuments of Jiliza and Voskepar communities, two touristic maps/ guide for the Lori and Tavush region’s historical monuments, In the fifth booklet, he summarizes the work he’s done during the course of the SOS Culture project and his thoughts concerning these issues.

When speaking about the project, he highlights the project’s educational component. “Our lack of patriotism stems from our lack of recognition of our heritage, according to figures and statistics. During the project, we have found and studied from the selected residences 3 dozen sites, from each of which there are dozens of monuments and cross stones. The results of this study can be found in submitted publications, but it should be noted that 90 percent of these sites are unknown in our country. "

Thus, for example, from Samvel Karapetyan’s referred to sites, ten in Voskepar and twenty in Jiliza, only one of these monument have been examined. Locals know about the monuments. However, as far as professional visits and words about the monuments, no one has been to or spoken about these monuments.

Note that besides the SOS Culture project’s mentioned books, there are additional books published by FPWC- a cultural heritage education manual in both Armenian and English, and an intercultural communication exercises manual.