Animal Carnival 2013

04.11.2013 15:28

As last year, the SOS Culture project’s youth club members participated in the Animal Carnival organized by the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets. On this day, October 27, the celebration was not only for the people of Yerevan, but also for the children from different regions. Because of the nature of the event, children were invited from various parts of Armenia.

SOS Culture’s Alaverdi and Akhtala youth groups participated in the Animal Carnival, but the group members from Berdavani and Varagavani were unable to participate because of the lack of peaceful situations along the border.

The Alaverdi participants were present in owl clothes and masks, while the Akhtala team members were present in zebra clothes. The clothing was prepared with recyclable materials. The Animal Carnival was held with the intention of raising awareness of animal defense issues.