The Honey and Berry Festival in Shamshadin took place

28.08.2013 10:54

The expected and most delicious festival became reality for all of us. On August 18th the children of the SOS Culture project also had an opportunity to participate in the honey and berry annual festival which takes place in Berd town of Tavush region. The children already knew they would have their own tent and had prepared with strong responsibility, in order to make the SOS Culture project tent the best in Berd on that day. The SOS Culture participants had brought handcrafts with them- embroideries, paintings, handmade works from wood and beautiful play dough, also berries, pastries made from those berries, cereals, jam, dry fruit, and, of course, tasty honey products. Just like the children planned none of the visitors could leave the tent indifferently. Everyone admired the beauty of our tent and taste of our sweets. Among the people who admired that beauty was the US Ambassador John Heffern, who did not want to leave our tent and every time after tasting our delicious dishes said to the people surrounding him that the FPWC was the best as always.    

Of course all this was very inspiring as it was already clear that during this one and half year of the project our children learned to do a real good team work together and get ready to any event so that they attract even the most indifferent people‚Äôs attention. 

The children left Shamshadin with bright impressions and unforgettable memories looking forward to new and interesting events.