Team Building Training

12.08.2013 15:30

The cooperation between the Armenian Progressive Youth (APY) NGO and the SOS Culture project implemented by the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) was successfully launched. The representatives of the Armenian Progressive Youth NGO had trainings with the children of the SOS Culture youth clubs.

The Armenian Progressive Youth NGO was founded in November 2009. The main goals of the NGO are to provide information about international seminars, conferences, exchange programs and other suchlike events to the youth also to organize and implement those seminars, conferences and other youth projects in the RA, encouraging the healthy lifestyle, sports, blogs, modern media culture etc. The NGO representatives are experienced enough to hold non-formal training and we are glad that the SOS Culture youth also had the chance to participate in it.

The first training we decided to deliver to the children was on team-building. The training was very interesting for them indeed. They liked both the games and the exercises implemented during the lesson as well as the trainers- Grigor, Tatev and Nelly. The children say that they still have a lot to do in the frames of the SOS Culture project and in order to have a success they first have to be a good team and be able to cooperate with each other. Of course they have already had trainings on this subject before, they had knowledge and experienced practical works together, but this training was surely useful for them and they will use it to achieve better results.

What we have to do is to thank the Armenian Progressive Youth NGO from behalf of the SOS Culture team, especially Grigor, Tatevik and Nelly for the interesting trainings organized by them and wait for further cooperation.