The SOS Culture Youth Club Members in the Colorful World of Batik Art

12.08.2013 14:12

Another beautiful and interesting training got underway for the SOS Culture youth club members. This time we were getting to know the batik art and entered into it's beautiful and colorful world.

Batik is the handmade painting on silk and other textile materials. Its homeland is Java Island in Indonesia where the handmade painted dresses are very popular. The locals used traditional Indonesian batik as amulet. This antique and amazing art branch is has its deserving place among other forms of decorative art. Batik style looks more attractive on the silk. There are three types of batik techniques - cold, warm and figured (free drawing). Through batik painting the textile becomes a canvas by stamping art prints on it.

This type of fashion has become very modern lately and is used to produce scarves and handkerchiefs. Batik has become a widely applicable art style in Armenia as well, though it is quite new for us.

The SOS Culture youth club members by the help of trainer Anna got to know about batik history, its branches, about how they should work on the sketch, afterwards on the fabric, also what were the particularities while working with paints and colors. After learning the general theory, the most exciting bit started - the children could finally put their own first ideas on paper, then applied the sketch on the fabric and colored the textile. Anna helped the children to learn some tips which made the work beautiful.

After the training the children thought they were professional batik painters and were eager to learn more about this type of art, and who knows, perhaps one day they will continue to work on it.