We are already active in four youth clubs!

17.07.2012 16:26

June 18th – 20th were very interesting and at the same time intense days for the members of our SOS Culture Youth Clubs. While in Varagavan our trainer Artem conducted a challenging training on leadership and communication, the youth club members in Alaverdi and Berdavan enjoyed their initial courses with teambuilding and icebreaking activities. In Akhtala the SOS Culture Club members were introduced to important topics of Nature Conservation like climate change, quality of air, biodiversity and ecology of birds. According to Arevik, a member of Akhtala Youth Club, they learnt a lot about birds and nature conservation.

The peak point of the training was an exciting role game discussion about local ecological issues. In advance the young participants had to take sides in order to represent during the discussion either the angle of business or of eco-activists. During the discussion the opinions clashed and all participants realized that it is quite difficult to find fair compromises between both viewpoints.

Another important activity this week was the visit of the Akhtala club members to Odzun Monastery and to the Alaverdi SOS Culture Youth Club, where they could meet their peers and develop joint plans.

Wait for our news!!! Many more interesting activities to come…