FPWC’s SOS Culture project goes GREEN!

11.07.2012 14:45

The European Union funded SOS Culture project which is implemented by the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) does its first big steps towards environmentally friendliness.

One of the main aims of FPWC is to raise public awareness for the preservation of Armenia’s unique natural heritage. Pursuing this goal FPWC provides environmental education for children and youths, organizes environmental festivals and campaigns as well as other projects such as the production of documentaries about nature.

With an overall duration of 24 months, the SOS Culture project is funded by the European Union within the framework of the Eastern Partnership Culture Program and is implemented by FPWC in cooperation with dvv international – Georgia Country office and Research on Armenian Architecture Foundation.

Because of FPWC’s environmental mission and its work in nature conservation and environmental education FPWC has chosen for its SOS Culture project to use only green printing technologies. The SOS Culture project has chosen to order the publication materials at the SET (Sustainable Eco Technologies) LLC’s Greenprint, which is the only provider of environmentally friendly 100% recycled paper in Armenia and has been FPWC’s partner since 2011. Greenprint provides high quality 100% recycled office and offset paper that is highly durable and negates the need to use other types of paper, thus affecting the environment. It has been certified as reaching European and American standards of quality.

SOS Culture has also ordered the web domain from WebHostOne which only uses within its data centre nuclear-free, CO ²-neutral energy from renewable energy sources, which allows them to offer climate-friendly and environment-friendly green hosting based on renewable energy. The company is regularly certified by the Stadtwerke Karlsruhe.

As FPWC’s aim is also to introduce environmental approaches in a broad range of business sectors we encourage our SOS Culture project partners also to use only environmentally friendly 100% recycled papers.