Shaumiani SOS Culture Youth Club

Shaumiani is Georgian-Armenian border region, which has historically been inhabited with Georgians and Armenian. Centuries-old cohabitation and integration of these two nations is a natural process which is also reflected in merging of their cultures, traditions and domestic habits. For a plenty of mixed families in the region cultural assets of this area represent the common history and treasure. As a consequence of such mentality, the establishment of project target group went without any complications. The local youth – both Georgians and Armenians- became engaged in the project with great enthusiasm and interest. Azerbaijani youngsters from Marneuli have also joined them and so multicultural Youth Club, as prescribed by the requirements of the project, started to exist. The Youth Club is hosted by Community Education Center (CEC) founded by Georgia Country Office of dvv‑international.

Koda SOS Culture Youth Club

Tetritskaro is also historically multiethnic region, where Georgians live side by side with Armenians, Azerbaijanis, Ossetians, Russians, Ukrainians and Germans as well. In the framework of the project “SOS Culture” Youth Club has also been launched here. Again the “headquarters” of the Club are on the base of Koda Community Education Center founded by dvv international’s representative office of Georgia.

Dmanisi SOS Culture Youth Club

Dmanisi – ancient area of Georgia, famous for its pre-historical, world-known and recognized archeological discoveries, with both beautiful nature and architecture – is the next target region of the project SOS Culture. Excavations of Dmanisi settlements prove existence of human being on this territory already 1, 8 mln years ago. The region is rich with historic and cultural heritage sightseeing and many of these places are known to everyone. However, there are some neglected, almost abandoned monuments requiring thorough attention and care as well. Within the frame of the project, Dmanisi Youth Club members have visited exactly those cultural assets left in oblivion.

Bolnisi SOS Culture Youth Club

Bolnisi lies right in the middle of Kvemo Kartli and is an outstanding with its ethnic diversity region. Next to the Georgian villages, there are many villages where Azerbaijani live, and plenty of villages with mixed population. This cohabitation also has century-old history and there was no disagreement whatsoever. This ethnic and religious diversity has also been reflected on the project target Youth Club, members of which have faced the language barrier. However, exciting games and group exercises used during the trainings were helpful in overcoming the barrier.