SOS Culture Youth Club in Berdavan

Berdavan is a frontier village in the north-eastern part of Armenia. Until January 1978 the village was called Ghalacha. The village is famous because of the success young people have in the field of education. Medieval castle Galinjaqar which was built in the 10-11th centuries is very close to Berdavan.

Berdavan SOS Culture youth club has the largest group, about 50 youngsters. That is why we have two groups in Berdavan divided by age. Youth club members are actively involved in each activity and event. They are creative and have lots of initiatives to realize within the project. Youth club is located in the municipality building of Berdavan.  

SOS Culture Youth Club in Akhtala

Akhtala is located in Lori region, Republic of Armenia. People have settled in this region from ancient times. Akhtala is famous ոիտհ its historical monuments. Tombs, various valuable things made of ceramics, bronze and iron were found in Akhtala and the surrounding areas. Current name of the city is mentioned in a Royal charter from 1438.

Local youth were very enthusiastic to join the project and they enjoy attending the trainings courses. The trainings take place in Akhtala public school #1, where SOS Culture youth club is located. Youth club members participate in different training courses; leadership, intercultural communication, ecology, journalism, film-making, photography.

SOS Culture Youth Club in Alaverdi

Alaverdi is a city in Lori region, on the slopes of narrow slopes of Debet River. Alaverdi and its surroundings are rich in historical and architectural monuments. Sanahin monastery is a wonderful example of medieval architecture. Sanahin Bridge is an amazing architectural structure, which is considered a masterpiece. Unfortunately, many of them are  in urgent need of care and attention. This is the reason why SOS Culture project established one of its Youth Clubs in Alaverdi. Youth Club in Alaverdi is located in Alaverdi State Vocational College. Youth Club members are interested in both protecting the cultural monuments in their region and in environmental issues that nowadays their city and region face.

SOS Culture Youth Club in Varagavan

Varagavan is a village in Tavush region, on the way from Yerevan to Berd. It was founded in the 18th century. Initially it was called Hakhum, because of the river passing through the village. In 1970 the village was renamed Varagavan because of the name of the 12th century monastery Nor Varagavanq.

Varagavan SOS Culture youth club is located in Varagavan Public School, where the trainings take place. The youth club has about 20 members. They have different interests; journalism, photography, film-making, communication. There is something that unites them all to be part of the SOS Culture project. That is their love and respect towards cultural monuments and their wish to protect and take care of them.